Coal Mining
For the last decade and a half, perhaps longer,individuals and groups have tried to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to issue a stamp, or series of commemorative stamps, recognizing and honoring the coal miners of this nation. These groups have been small and localized, they did not adequately represent the vast scope of the mining industry  in the United States. To the present time, these efforts have not met with success. Those wishing to obtain a stamp have not made the case to the postal authorities of the historical and industrial national significance of the contribution of coal miners to the industrial might of this nation. Coal mining along with railroads, steel, oil, have been pillars of the industrial revolution in this nation. No one can deny the crucial importance of coal mining in the industrial and economic history of the country, and even unto the present day. Coal mining extends back to the beginning of the founding of this nation.It is an overlooked industry until a time of crisis, then all eyes are upon it. Millions of citizens of this nation are descended from coal mining families, and they would wish to see the hard and dangerous work of their ancestors memorialized in the form of a stamp, or series of stamps. We invite everyone with any interest in coal mining for what ever reason to join with us in our endeavor to obtain a stamp now.

Eric Mc Keever

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Why do we want a coal miners postage stamp?
You can support the effort to get the postal service to issue a stamp honoring coal miners, past and present.
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We endorse the Issuance of a Coal Miner's Commemorative Postage Stamp Petition to Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.