A Poem By A West Virginia Coal Miner
Author: Brian M. Snuffer
In Memory Of All The 29 Coal Miners Who Lost Their Lives At the Upper Big Branch Mine In Montcoal W.V

I’m up early and home late,                              
Providing for my family and doing whatever it takes.   
I drive an hour to and from                         
To get to the mine to get my job done.       

When I leave, I’m covered in coal, my face black, my body sore,
But I get up each morning and give even more.
I’m proud to be a West Virginia coal miner.  
There’s not any other job here that is finer
I went to the mine today and met up with my friends,
We took that long man trip and our journey begins.
It was an ordinary day as we began to work   
But suddenly the ground beneath us shook.  
The gases were strong and as I began to fall 

I thought of my family and wondered is this all?
Who will take Bobby out to play baseball?    
And who will take Sally to the dance hall.     
Who will hold my wife when she cry’s,          
I wish I had time to say my good byes.        
Tears roll down my coal covered face,          

As my heart speeds up and begins to race.
All of a sudden I hear a sweet voice,             
The mine lights up, and I hear a beautiful chorus.
I see an extended hand come down my way,
It was covered in coal dust and I wondered who is helping me this day.

I grab a hold of his hand and calm fills my soul,
I’m pulled from the ground and out of the coal.
Who is this man that would save me from this?
Who is this hero who gave me a kiss?          
Who is this man covered in coal?                 
Who is this man with hands pierced with holes?
Who is this man that loves me this much,    
Who pulled me out of this mine and away from this dust?

I begin to see as I’m pulled out of the mine,
My fellow miners and they are all fine.       
They’re grinning and laughing not a worry in sight
They’re walking toward me and into the light.
What took you so long I heard from another?
We’ve been waiting on you, to get here my brother.
Don’t worry about your family they will be all right,
For the man that saved us is holding them tonight.

In memory of all the 29 coal miners who lost their lives
at the Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal W.Va
©Brian M Snuffer
Used With Permission Of Author
All Rights Reserved

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