Gresford Mining Disaster of 1934 North-East Wales Britain 

This sorry landscape cannot begin to explain

The story of what lies beneath the still earth

A generation of utter loss, just tears no mirth

Of a legacy back-filled with perpetual pain.

It is here that my grandfather hewed

To provide for his family without objection

Alongside his brothers, never posing a question

Of these sorrowful words to which we now allude.

Dear old fate is such an unforgiving hand

Always dealt without prejudice or favour

Life extinguished, irrespective of behaviour

Spreading untold grief across this pleasant land.

Treasures of the deep a sacrifice too far

For those who perished without a fight

Entombed in the abyss, such was their plight

In succumbing to this silent yet deadly war.

A Poem By - Daryn Davies
©Faryn Davies
All Rights Reserved

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